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What Did Napping Ever Do to You, Drew Barrymore?

Famous Nappers 10: Tim Ferriss

Equal Strain on All Parts

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Famous Nappers 9: Natasha Lyonne

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Our Residents Are Trying to Nap

To Nap, Divine

Big Brother 2023


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A Snors d’oeuvre

Napping Cheat Codes 11: Taylor Swift

Is There Anything Taylor Swift Can’t Do?

Napping Cheat Codes 10: Drone Metal


Famous Nappers 8: Caspar Babypants

The Pre-Overnight Shift Nap

Napping in the Jewish Tradition 6

Yom Kippur Only Comes Once a Year Boys

Vintage Nap Reference

Napping in the Jewish Tradition 5

Naps in Different Settings

The Scientific Method

The Pitfalls of Napping 3

Napping in the Jewish Tradition 4

Hypnic/Hypnagogic Jerks

Famous Nappers 7: Bluey’s Dad, Bandit

A Blessing for the New Year

Famous Nappers 6.5: Novak Djokovic

Famous Nappers 6: Novak Djokovic

Famous Nappers 5: Lin-Manuel Miranda


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The Buffett Lot Nap

If We Weren't All Crazy

Tryin' to Reason...

New Album's Old and I'm Fresh Out of Tunes

Any Manual Labor I've Done

Some of it's Magic, Some of it's Tragic

Eyeball Squish

20 Minutes

The SLF Interview Part 5

The SLF Interview Part 4

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Axl Rose

The Post-Camp Nap 2

The SLF Interview Part 2

The SLF Interview Part 1

Napping Cheat Codes 9.5

Napping Cheat Codes 9

South African Pit Bulls Nap Deep

The Post-Camp Nap 1

I'm a Believer

Holy &#^#%

Napping in the Jewish Tradition 3

It’s Not Your Fault

Jimmy Buffett at Great Woods

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Napping 4

Colonoscopy Nap 4

Let’s be Frank about Fenway

Ramblin' Man

Dear Peter King

Napping Pranks

Naps, Unscheduled

Farewell Italia

Back on the Train

Napping...Amalfi Style

When in Rome...

Tubby Nugget Nap

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Fast Day Nap

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Napping in the Mormon Tradition

Colonoscopy Nap 3

Nap Roulette

Anything but Heavy Metal or Country

Colonoscopy Nap 2

Colonoscopy Nap 1

The “Woke Up With a Headache I Couldn’t Shake” Nap

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

The Genius of Joe Walsh

And Then It Hit Me...

TND Scoops the Internet! 3

Napping Cheat Codes 7.5

Napping Cheat Codes 7

TND Scoops the Internet! 2

TND Scoops the Internet!

Napping Inequality

Milestones 2.5

Milestones 2

We're Not Gonna Protest!

Milestones 1

The Future is Naps

The Slightly Buzzed Beach Day-trip Nap

Foundations 4

Music Festival Naps


Parenting 3

Bill Murray Napping

Art Imitates Nap I


When is “Good Enough,” Good Enough?

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the "Good Enough" Nap

GQ: The Art of the NBA Nap

Nappy Father's Day!

Embrace the Body Only Nap

Napping in Public 3

Napping in Public 2

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Epic Mega Couch Out-of-Town Guest Cross-Time Zone Flex

Wow. A Lot of Action.

Friends Forever

Time for a Shnatz

What Religion or Reason

Cars Trucks Buses

Get a Load of That Mountain Range!

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Napping 3

It's the Lack of Respect

Gone Schvitzin’

The Pitfalls of Napping 2

Navy SEAL Nap

Happy MDW!

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Napping 2

Napping Cheat Codes 6.5

Napping Cheat Codes 6

Napping Cheat Codes 5

Preferred Posture 3

Napping in Public

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Napping 1

An unexpected gift

To Everything There is a Season 2

To Everything There is a Season

Nap Aids (a.k.a. Sleeping PEDs) 4.5

Nappy Mother's Day!

Nap Aids (a.k.a. Sleeping PEDs) 4

The Pitfalls of Napping

Nap Aids (a.k.a. Sleeping PEDs) 3

Napper's Delight

Need vs. Want

Napping in India

Even Walls Fall Down

Some Days Are Diamonds

The Hadza

Wake Up, Wake Up

Seven-day Nap Results

Changes in Latitudes

Buncha’ Amateurs

It Happens

Northern Elephant Seals

Doubling Up

I Find I’m So Excited I Can Barely Sit Still or Hold a Thought In My Head

Simple Maths

How I Learned to Nap

The Action Is the Juice

Foundations 3.5

Baby Steps to a Hat Trick

NapBot, Write Me a Haiku

Almost Napless but Not Quite

Famous Nappers 3.5

Baseball: No Longer a Napping Game

Napping in the Jewish Tradition 2

Late in the Day Nap 4

Late in the Day Nap 3

Late in the Day Nap 2

Late in the Day Nap

This Post Is Not About Mario Kart

The Pied Piper Strikes Back

Why Do We Say That?

The Fortuitous Nap

Famous Nappers 4

Lazy Sunday

Preferred Posture 2 / Nap Aids (a.k.a. Sleeping PEDs) 2

Napping in Movies/TV 2

Napping in Movies/TV 1

Can't Sleep 2

Parenting 2

Rites of Passage

Can't Sleep 1

To Heal, Divine

Hirune (昼寝) and Inemuri (居眠り)

Napping in the Catholic Tradition

National Napping Day 2023

They Call Him Double Down Hen

60 Minutes +

60 Minutes

45 Minutes: The Hollywood of Naps

30 Minutes

15 Minutes

Today Is Important

Google Trends 2

Mapping the Nap Fantastic

Even More on Meditation

More on Meditation

The Answer, Of Course

What Would I Do For a Nap?

Famous Nappers 2.a.

Everyone Loves Napping!

Napping, Distractions and Human Limitation

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Worldly Napservations 5

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Worldly Napservations

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Coffee Nap

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Uli Doesn't Care About Anything 3

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Airplane Naps 2

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Preferred Posture

Saturday, Donny, is Shabbos


Is Napping Some Kind of Laziness Thing?

Don’t Autosteer and Nap

Wall Street Journal Nap Coverage 2

Find Your Why

Airplane Naps 1

Nap Aids (a.k.a. Sleeping PEDs) 1

Napping in the Jewish Tradition 1

Wall Street Journal Nap Coverage 1

Dan Pink's Five Secrets to Taking The Perfect Nap

Famous Nappers 1

Foundations 1

Happy New Year