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Matt Hoffman

Semi-professional napper. Music lover and occasional creator. Highly curious. Recovering attorney. Corporate refugee.

Evan Schultz

rabbi, writer, napper.

Old and in the Nap

Napping longer than you have

Brooke Everett

Liz Lemon: How do you sleep at night, Jack? Jack Donaghy: I don't. I take thousands of micro-naps during the day.

Bunsen MF Honeydew

Science and napping and more science

Joshua Fishman

Septuagenarian loving to Nap.


Don't blame lazy people. They didn't do anything.

Barry McBride

One-time technologist, current full-time sports publisher and part-time napper. Can be found writing every day about the Cleveland Browns at TheOBR.com.




macro spectator

The K-Man

I'm a silly goose.

Andrew Levinson

I find it very difficult to comply with the 250 word limit.